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Goans are also obsessed with latest fashion like others. Goans are famous for their Goa latest fashion costumes which are full of colours. Taste for the latest fashion in Goa has resulted traditional costumes and embroidery disappeared from public memory. Goan costumes are tailored as per the trendy fashion in Goan. You can have some of the finest works of textiles, costume and embroidery in the museums, places of worship, libraries and private collections. So, the fashion in Goa derives its inspiration from a very long tradition and numerous external influences. Let's have a glimpse over fashion in Goa since beginning.
Goa Fashion
Goan Costumes : The Beginning
Earliest inhabitants of Goa were in their 'natural self' and wore nothing at all! They started wearing a string of beads, leafy loincloths (Valkal). The tradition still survives in tribal life and they are unaware about the fashion in Goa. Gauda, Kunbi, Dhangar, Velip and Zalmi tribes does not follow Goa fashion and still wear these traditional costumes with vibrant colours and simple drape. These include Kashti (mail loincloth) and a blanket on the shoulders, Kunbi Palloo with a tied knot and pleated sari.

Religious Influences
Buddhism and Jainism influenced the lifestyle of Goa in a great way. You can have an idea of this phase in Goa State Museum where most of the gods are depicted wearing a crown, a sacred thread, armlets, necklaces, earrings, elaborate waistbands and chest bands. The goddesses are found wearing anklets, toe-rings and a sandal strap. Some other goddesses are found wearing a pleated skirt with a long drape, and decorative umbrellas.

Costumes for Women
Nav-Vari, a nine-yard sari, was the main costume of ladies in Goa. Its cas or casseto style was very popular in Konkan coast and it was wore without a blouse. Royalty and the dancers of temples wore choli blouses. Saris were also imported from other parts of the country.

Goa Costumes During Festivals
Goan clothes during festival celebrations is traditional. Men wear colourful clothes and carry torans (banners) during Shigmo( the festival of spring). The performers carry banners and umbrellas and and boys wave green twigs during Romat or Romatamel dances. Another dance festival known as Chowrang (four colours) signifies a blend of music, tradition, dance and costume.

Muslim & Portuguese Influence
Islam brought detailing and ornamental motifs besides a softer paster-coloured palette. Portuguese banned Hindu garments and accessories, nose rings for example. They forced Goans to wear western clothes. During this transition phase, a new garment called Pano Bhaju came into existence. It was the ingenious invention of converted orthodox Hindu women.

Goa Fashion After Liberation
The liberation of Goa in 1961 gave impetus to Indian dresses and salwar kameez, sari, ghagra and Kashmiri Jamevar shawls were again in vogue.

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