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Goa Music

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Goa is often admired as a nest of singing birds. The tiny land of Goa speaks with the pleasing and harmonious note of varied music and melody. Music is part of life at Goa. Through out the year, Ghumat and Violin are at their forefront to be part of every gala event. Every Goan folk music has a lively rhythmic vitality. The music has devotional as well as profane overtones. Goan music stands apart from the music of other regions in India because of its peculiar blend of Western and Indian traditions.

The taste of the west can be found in the music of Goa too. The music and dance of Goa are a rich cultural blend of the West with the East. The fine blend of Indian classical and western music has discovered many different forms of music. Each occasion and region has its distinctive forms. The urban areas have adapted to modern and popular music styles.
Goa Music
Some forms of song & music in Goa are :
Mando - the love song
Mando is love song, sung by Goan Catholics in group accompanied with dance. A group of boys and girls, some 20 in number, form a semi-circular pattern in two lines with the girls in the front line and the boys in the back line. The songs cover the entire gamut of emotions in love, accompanied by the beats of Ghumat and romantic strains of violin.

Mando - the Latin Taste
Set to the Latin American tune, the song with a local theme starts with a sad and slow note and ends on a faster beat called "Dulpods" or "Durpodha", the rhythmic pattern being akin to 'Khaiyal' songs. In fact Mando represents the mingling of Indian and Western traditions. The girls and the boys sing a line of the song one after the other or sometimes in chorus.

Suvari - the Folk Music
Suvari is a traditional folk music, a tone setter to all Hindu religious and festival performances. The music is orchestral in nature and relies heavily on 'Laya' (tune) and 'Tal' (beat), as spoken words are few. The orchestra consists of 'Ghumat', 'Shamel', Cymbals and sometimes 'Shehnai' and 'Surt'.

Other forms of Goan music include "Banvad", "Cantaram", "Dasra Vadan", "Gadya Ramayan", "Gaun Kani", "Gosavi Gayan", "Gudulya Geetam", "Jat", "Lagan Geet", "Lavni", "Pavada", and devotional music like "Bhajan-Dindi", Carol Singing, "Kirtan" and "Ladainha".

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